Published on: April 14, 2021

How Much Does Ingrown Toenail Surgery Cost?

Ingrown toenails can affect anyone and they have a number of different causes, such as improper nail trimming, damage to the toe and even ill-fitting shoes. There are also some people that are genetically predisposed to ingrown toenails making ingrown toenails likely at some point in their life. If home remedies, antibiotics or other conservative treatment does not seem to help and you experience increasing pain, swelling or inflammation, it may be time to consider a small surgical procedure to fully and permanently resolve your ingrown toenail condition. So how much does ingrown toenail surgery cost?

Various Procedures & Pricing

Ingrown toenail surgery cost can vary depending on the type of procedure used. We offer two different variations: partial and total nail avulsion.

Partial Nail Avulsion - $420 Base Price

As the name suggests, this procedure removes a portion of your nail from the side on which it started growing into your skin. This method is by far the most common utilised for an ingrown toenail. It’s ideal for most ingrown toenails and the healing process is a lot faster than a total nail avulsion. Before we begin the procedure, an anesthetic can be applied using the Comfort-in Needle-free system at no additional cost so that you don't feel the subsequent injection. A partial nail avulsion is a painless procedure with a very low rate of complication. In the unlikely chance that regrowth of the ingrowing portion of nail occurs, revision surgery is often successful.

The base price for a partial nail avulsion is $420. This implies removal of one problematic side on a single toe. When necessary, for an additional $70, both sides of the same toenail can be removed. If a second toe is being treated at the same time, this will cost an additional $170 for a single side of the 2nd toe.

3 common examples:

  1. Removal of both ingrowing sides of a toe nail on the same toe; $420 + $70 = $490
  2. Removal of a single ingrowing side of a toe nail on two toes; $420 + $170 = $590
  3. Removal of both ingrowing sides of two toes (4 sides in total); $420 + $70 + $170 + $70 = $730

Full Nail Avulsion - $490 Base Price

Although less common, full nail avulsion can be performed to remove the entire toenail. It's usually done when more severe complications have already started taking place such as significant nail deformity or skin enlargement. You'll have to rest for a longer period and avoid strenuous activity. Full nail avulsion is rarely performed, since there are usually great outcomes with partial removals. Still, it's a painless process that has good long term outcomes. Since it's a more complex procedure, pricing for full nail avulsion starts at $490 for a single toenail. If you need to have this procedure on another toenail, it will cost an additional $190 per toe.

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Proper postoperative care is crucial to ensure that you can get back to your normal activities as quickly as possible with the lowest chance of complications. For most people, pain and discomfort will only last for a couple of days at most. Besides resting and avoiding excess activity, your toe should also be checked by your podiatrist 2-3 days after the procedure. Post-operative reviews are billed at $68 and include assessing, cleaning and re-dressing the toe. Most people need just 1-2 re-dressing appointments. With a short period of self care while the toe heals, you'll be back to your normal routine, without pain, in around 2-4 weeks for most people.

At 8-10 weeks postoperatively, we perform a final check to assess outcomes and rule out the possibility of re-growth of the offending portion of toenail. There is no cost for the final check.

Don't risk complications associated with ingrown toenails. If you have not yet sought professional advice, or if you’re unsure of the advice you have already been given, it may be worth booking in for a free ingrown toenails assessment. We offer a free of charge assessment to simply provide you with the most accurate information to base your treatment decisions around without financial obligation to have any treatment. You'll get recommendations from some of the most experienced podiatrists in Australia.

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