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Welcome to Ingrown Toenail Clinics Australia – we are a North Sydney Podiatry Clinic passionate about providing expert advice and the most effective ingrown toenail treatment options for ingrown toenails. We offer a range of non-surgical and surgical options to suit each individual and condition. Our clinics pride themselves on providing immediate and permanent ingrown toenail pain relief utilising contemporary evidence-based treatments. 

  Nail Surgery


Ingrown toenail surgery is a quick and effective treatment that provides permanent relief. The minimally invasive nail procedure's are performed under local anaesthetic, providing a pain free experience. 


  Nail Bracing


Ingrown Toenail bracing is the pain free and non-invasive approach to permanantly correcting the shape of the nail to treat and prevent ingrown toenails. We use the highest quality German made braces that have been used successfully on over 10,000 patients. 

toenail bracing
  Pain Free 


If like many, you are anxious about potential pain associated with a local anaesthetic injection, we are able to provide a pain free solution! We use the latest needle free technology from Comfort-in to numb the toes prior to injection.

Our goal is to offer every patient a pain-free and permanent solution.
Ingrown toenail surgery
needle free anaesthetic

Ingrown Toenail Surgery Sydney FAQ's 

Frequently asked questions

Quem pode fazer os cursos?

Todos! Nossos cursos visam à democratização da educação e da ciência. Sendo assim, todos são bem vindos!

Sou estudante acadêmico: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para quem é das áreas: - Biologia - Veterinária - Engenharia ambiental - Oceanografia - Qualquer outra área conectada à ambiental Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.

Sou estudante do Ensino Médio: estes cursos são recomendados para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização das ciências marinhas!Alunos do ensino médio são muito bem vindos! Aqui você terá acesso ao conteúdos similares aos dos cursos de Graduação em Biologia. Os conteúdos aqui abordados também são muito frequentes em provas do Enem e em vestibulares.

Quanto tempo duram os cursos?

A carga horária total é de 12h. Ao final você receberá seu certificado pela própria plataforma. Você pode fazer no seu tempo, sem pressa! Seu acesso tem a validade de 1 ano a partir da compra.

Sou estudante de outra área: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização das ciências marinhas! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para qualquer pessoa que tenha interesse na área ambiental marinha.

Estes cursos possuem certificados válidos?

Sim! Os cursos oferecem um certificado de conclusão de 12h, emitido automaticamente pela própria plataforma EaD, assinado pelo Prof. Dr. Douglas Peiró, Diretor Geral do Instituto de Biologia Marinha Bióicos. Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.

A bit about ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails cause the skin of the toe at the edges of the nail to become painful. There may be swelling and redness, new inflamed tissue (granuloma), and infection. It is important to note that not everyone with an ingrown toenail necessarily has an infection, many adults develop pressure pain without the nail piercing the skin. For some, the nail can simply curl over time and press on a sensitive part of the nail bed that is not designed to take this pressure. 

It's safe to say, Ingrown toenails are a common problem; up to 2 out of 10 people visiting their doctor for a foot complaint will be because of an ingrown toenail. The big toe is most commonly affected. Often home remedies such as soaking the foot and toe in salty warm water helps, but may not fully eliminate the swelling, redness or infection associated with ingrown toenails, especially once they have been present for more than 2 weeks.

There is often a genetic component to ingrown toenails, if you ask family members you may find that they too have experienced problems with ingrown toenails. Things that can increase the likely hood of developing an ingrown toenail, or prevent resolution include:

  • Shoes that are too narrow or short in length

  • Sports that require tight fitting footwear (e.g., soccer and rock climbing)

  • Sweaty feet (common with kids)

  • Poor nail cutting or tearing/pulling at the nail (common with kids).

Ingrown toenails can be broadly categorised into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Acute symptoms (<2 weeks) with mild redness and swelling.

Stage 2: Progressed to an infection producing more pain and pus, there may also be a small amount of tissue growth called granulation.

Stage 3: Chronic symptoms (>2 weeks) with pus producing infection, more tissue enlargement around the toe nail and granulation tissue that is now growing over the nail.

Ingrown toenail management based on stage:

Stage 1: Non-surgical treatment such as gently removing the corner of the nail, salty warm water soaks, sulci taping and toe spacers.

Stage 2: Surgery may be indicated where non-surgical options fail.

Stage 3: Surgical treatment is highly likely to be the best option.

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