Published on: August 1, 2023

Ingrown Toenail Surgery: A Swift Path to Comfort and Relief

An ingrown toenail can be one of life's frustratingly painful, and stubborn conditions. It occurs when the edge of a toenail pushes into the surrounding skin, causing pain, redness and swelling. Ingrown toenails can affect anyone from infants to elderly, and in-between. For those suffering from ingrown toenails, everyday activities like walking or wearing shoes can become unbearable. Thankfully, modern techniques have made ingrown toenail surgery an effective and efficient solution to this problem.

At Ingrown Toenail Clinics, we understand the distress caused by ingrown toenails and are committed to providing the best care possible. Our ingrown toenail surgery not only offers swift relief but also comes with a range of benefits that ensures comfort and satisfaction.

1. Afterpay Payment Plans: Ensuring Accessibility

At Ingrown Toenail Clinics, we prioritise our patients' needs and strive to make our services accessible to all. With our convenient in-clinic interest-free payment plan option, you can undergo ingrown toenail surgery without worrying about upfront costs. Afterpay allows you to divide the total expense into manageable installments, making it easier for you to focus on your recovery, rather than the financial burden. For information on how Afterpay works, please click here.

2. Pre-Injection Numbing with Comfort-In Needless System: Painless Experience

We understand that the fear of pain can deter individuals from seeking treatment. To ensure a pain-free experience, we use the Comfort-In Needless System for pre-injection numbing. This advanced system delivers numbing medication without the need for traditional needles, offering a gentle and virtually painless solution for your comfort. For more information on the Comfort-in system, please click here.

3. Minimally Invasive Contemporary Procedures: Reduced Risks

Gone are the days of prolonged and invasive surgeries. At Ingrown Toenail Clinics, we employ contemporary, minimally invasive procedures that prioritise your comfort, safety and recovery times. Our skilled podiatrists utilise the latest techniques to treat ingrown toenails without the need for incisions or stitches.

4. Low Risk of Complications and High Success Rates

Our podiatry team has extensive experience in ingrown toenail surgery, leading to low rates of complications, and high success rates. The procedures we offer are conducted with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth recovery process. Our high success rates are a testament to our commitment to providing quality healthcare to our patients.

5. Chemical Matrixectomy with Phenol: Preventing Regrowth

At Ingrown Toenail Clinics, one of the most effective methods to permanently fix an ingrown toenail is chemical matrixectomy with the use of phenol. This technique involves the application of phenol, a chemical agent, to the affected area of the nail bed. Phenol destroys the cells responsible for nail growth, preventing the regrowth of the problematic portion of the nail. As a result, the likelihood of future ingrown toenail occurrences is significantly reduced, providing a lasting solution to the problem.


At Ingrown Toenail Clinics, we understand the physical and emotional toll of ingrown toenails. Our ingrown toenail surgery offers a wide range of benefits, from Afterpay payment plans to ensure accessibility, to the use of the Comfort-In Needless System for a pain-free experience. Our contemporary, minimally invasive procedures come with a low risk of complications and boast high success rates, ensuring high patient satisfaction.

Moreover, our use of chemical matrixectomy with phenol prevents the regrowth of the problematic portion of the nail, offering a long-lasting solution to ingrown toenails. So if you're suffering from this painful condition, don't delay seeking help. Visit us at Ingrown Toenail Clinics, and let our expert podiatrists provide you with the care and relief you deserve. Say goodbye to the agony of ingrown toenails and step into a future of comfort and wellbeing.

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