We are offering FREE ingrown toenail assessments again in 2021! Your free consultation is an opportunity for you to get advice on the best treatment options for your ingrown toenail. If you would like to proceed with treatment, fees payable are outlined in the boxes below.

General podiatry 


Cost of general treatment:


  • Non-surgical removal of ingrown toenails & general treatment (nails, corns & callous): $95 

  • Return patients: $85

  • Pensioner card & EPC plan holders: $75

  • We accept Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients with a valid referral from their GP

  • Multiple needling for plantar warts: $120




Nail Surgery 

Cost of ingrown toenail surgery:


  • Partial Nail Avulsion: $420

    • $70 per additional side of the same toe

    • $170 per additional toe

  • Total Nail Avulsion: $490

    • $190 per additional toe

  • Post-operative reviews & re-dressings: $68 


The use of our Comfort-in Needle-free system is offered at no additional cost for those undergoing ingrown toenail surgery. 
Nail Bracing

Cost of toenail bracing:


  • Nail preparation & packing: $85 

  • Initial brace fitting*: $190 (per toe) + a standard consultation fee of $85

  • 4-6 weekly brace adjustments: $85 (per toe)


For example, if a single toe requires bracing for a period of 8 months, the total cost over that 8 month period would be $785-$995


*Covers all new braces for the treated toe over a 12 month period. If bracing is required past 12 months, another bracing fee of $190 is applicable. 


We Support all HICAPS Participating Health Funds - so you olny pay the gap.

We process Medicare rebates on the spot for Enhanced Primary Care Program holders

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