Never let the fear of ingrown toenail surgery stop you from getting the treatment you need. 

Sydney Podiatrists at Ingrown Toenail Clinics Australia are able to achieve safe & virtually pain-free anaesthesia using the Comfort-in system prior to ingrown toenail surgery. 



Comfort-in technology delivers a fine stream of local anaesthetic under the skin in a fraction of a second, without a needle. Once the superficial areas of the toe are numb, we're able to perform a pain-free fine needle injection of local anaesthetic to completely numb the toe.


Now, all patients including children can benefit from this safe and painless way to administer local anaesthetic.  

No Needle - No Pain 
Soft Injection System

Delivers anasthetic in a fraction of a second

Completely safe and pain-free 

Great for kids and anyone anxious about potential pain

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